Saturday, August 8, 2009

Growup Young India

lets get our hands on free coke at downtown
lets not waste our money and get free getorade near the stadium
lets barge the next door and eat the cooked food
don't lose your time in collecting different nuts at the Presidential lunch

i do not know if this is how young India thinks. do we have an attitude problem? do we have no public etiquette? is it the way people are brought up at their home?

get your act right, project yourself.


Pranav Kumar V said...

not all, but most of it, yes. This is how they are, this how generations were... taught to feed off someone else's beak... Why?? You saw a bunch of stans run around for all the freebies eh??!!

Whether you give or take... your hands are always stretched out. The only big difference is - if your palm is facing the sky or humbly towards the earth...

See you when I see you... :D

dolphin said...

yes PK, I'm tired watching Indians fight for free coke and free pizza. at least, they should know how to behave in public when they're representing their country.