Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Insecure Indian

It is the end of elections 2009.

Ending excitement around the formation of next government, results were announced on 16th may 2009. Honestly, I wasn't surprised at the outcome at the center but bitterly disappointed with the results at the state-level (read, Andhra Pradesh). Even though the UPA government did not tackle terrorism in the previous term, I did not want the NDA government to rule the India as it would mean an identity crisis for our nation. I'm fed up with the godhras, riots against muslims and I'd believe no amount of appeasement by BJP on muslims. Moreover, I've no trusts on any number of third or fourth front governments formed just to keep BJP and congress at bay from power. Sadly, UPA government hasn't done much to tackle terrorism (considering the number of terrorist activities in the recent years). However, I believe the situation improved a bit after Chidambaram took over the hopeless Shivraj Patil as Home Minister (as I observed no more terrorist activities since then). More needs to be done to ensure the belief of common man on security.

A close observation would take us through the following statistics. As far as I can remember, Congress gained significantly from 145 seats in 2004 to 206 in 2009 elections. BJP on the other hand lost a considerable number of seats from 138 in 2004 to 115 in 2009 elections. What is the point of blaming its allies if one cannot steer its own boat? The congress has increased its tally. Should this be attributed to Rahul or Priyanka factor?

I believe the congress party made amends by apologizing to the sikh community over the sikh riots in 1984 following the assasination of Indira Gandhi. Mr. Chidambaram might have faced the boot before elections but one cannot deny that the UPA is awarded another five years attributing to the apologies to sikh community. BJP on the other hand refused to leave their hardline hindutva stance and moreover, Narendra Modi wasn't even inclined to take any questions on Godhra riots, leave aside apology.

At state level, I was hoping desperately that Chandrababu Naidu sailed through these elections. It was a pain in the head to watch him sit in the opposition for the past five years. I fear that I might see more scandals such as Satyam fiasco. I fear that we'll stay behind the race competing with other cities in development. The only respite is that TDP increased its tally to 106 from 47 ni 2004!

What I do not get is

The voter turnout in Bombay was the lowest (42% if I were to believe) in the recent history. This even after 26/11 attacks? Common Bombay, wake up.

Its bye-bye Advani. You are no saint.

I've no idea what went behing the scenes in releasing terrorists at Kandahar in 1999 but I believe Advani is the man behind Babri demolition. He should be prosecuted for his role in bringing down the sacred mosque in 1992. I believe, he is the one responsible for dividing the country on communal lines all these years and no amount of reconciliation on his part (Jinnah episode) would clear him from my mind.