Monday, March 23, 2009

nrIPL - Democracy on back-foot

A typical Indian's voice is echoed in Modi's (yeah, the godhra's modi - for a change this time) words that 'how can your government provide security to 111 crore Indians if you guarantee 11 lives on a cricket pitch?'

It is understandable that elections is a big priority over cricket in India. But, for a cricket frenzy nation like ours, IPL moving out of India is huge blow. It is as if accepting that 'yes, we cannot provide security to international cricketers in these torrid times. our government is incapable of safeguarding politicians forget even the thought of protecting cricketers!' It is interesting to learn that non-congress ruling states are ready to organize IPL (assumably, congress governments in different states have rejected organizing IPL). Is this a move by UPA against BCCI (read sharad pawar - considering his recent flip-flop with congress) ?

It would be very interesting to observe how our government responds to BJP's claim that UPA government has put India on par with Pakistan (by not permitting IPL) with regard to security issues. However, government has reacted strongly to the claim by asserting that this is no national shame. It would be interesting to see how Lalit Modi (who was a darling with congress till yesterday) reacts to this entire episode and consequences following this.

For me, the native feel and energy of crowds (which are unique in India) will be missed abroad, undoubtedly. Further, I still doubt if this government has the 'x-factor' to tackle terror head-on!