Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man of many Contradictions in Politics

Yet another import to Indian politics. The latest is from Dutt family. Surprisingly, he opted to join Samajwadi Party. He preferred it over the grand daddy of Indian politics, Congress, the party his father stood by still his death. If we were to listen to Sanjay Dutt himself, "Amar Singh is like my brother who stood through thick and thin for 13 years, when in power or not." Amar Singh returned the compliment saying "Sanjay Dutt is not a terrorist". How should we observe his entrance to politics? a spoiled-brat who learnt his lessons? a selfish man who is hoping to cash on Gandhigiri? a welcome change (youth over old-age, remember he's pitted against Vajpayee)? yet another mockery by Samajwadi Party at Indian politics?

At a time when Indians couldn't tolerate a moderate Shivraj Patil, a lazy Vilasrao Desmukh and equally ineffective RR Patil, Sanjay Dutt's entry is a political joke. At a time when we're hoping a better country (free of controversial personalities in politics, read Raj Thackeray), Mr. Dutt (hoping to carry forward the legacy of his father! I believe it was Priya Dutt who came forward a few years ago) chose Lucknow over Bombay against seasoned politician and former Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee. Even though I believe Mr. Vajpayee has nothing to offer to our country at 85 years of age, Sanjay Dutt either isn't a good person himself. With a terrific criminal background, Sanjay Dutt is only an icon for potential gangsters or self-inflicted Rahul Mahajans across the country dreaming as parliamentarians! Sanjay Dutt is no youth icon and he should understand quickly that Amar Singh is trying to 'misuse' his Gandhigiri popularity. 


Everybody deserves a second chance. But how many chances does Mr. Sanjay Dutt need? He tried his hand at drugs in high school. If we consider school to be tender age, ok forgiven.

"He was charged of illegal possession of bomb vests and ammunition and illegal deals, which were part of the consignment used in the bombings. According to the CBI case filed in a TADA court, the gangster Abu Salem and his men went to Dutt's house on January 16, 1993 and gave him three AK-56 rifles, 25 hand grenades, one 9 mm pistol and cartridges. He allegedly returned two AK-56 rifles, hand grenades and cartridges to Hanif Kadawala and Samir Hingora but kept one AK-56 rifle with himself. The rifle and cartridges allegedly formed part of the consignment, which was smuggled into India at Dighi Port on January 9, 1993."

If we consider this act as his 'out of young blood adrenalin rush', ok forgiven. So, should we consider a man who is charged for conspiracy and terrorism to look after us? If we encourage him as our protector, how would we explain this to our children? If Mr. Dutt claims he's a good person now (he committed crime 14 years ago and supposedly got punished for the act) and that he should be cleared of all charges, no wonder Azam Amir Kasab would contest in our country. It is unfortunate to compare Mr. Dutt to Kasab but of why did he need AK-56 rifles when police is guarding the city?

Vajpayee vs Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is nominated from lucknow, current constituency of former prime minister Vajpayee. Is SP trying to play hard? It appears to me as if they're emulating congress when it nominated actor Govinda against the then petroleum minister Ram Naik. Govinda eventually won the election. Of course, Vajpayee is way ahead of Ram Naik. Vajpayee served fifty years as MP. He has been one of the tallest leaders India has ever produced. Even his detractors admire his qualities. So, what provoked Mr. Dutt to contest against him?

Even if Mr. Dutt wins tomorrow, it would be much because of incompetent voters than his 'ideal man' image (created by Munnabhai series).


Pranav Kumar V said...

I just hope he loses BIG TIME to Mr. Vajpayee... its no contest!! Its a disgrace!! What beats me is hoe easily people in our country get carried away!! Like you said, 14 years from now, Kasab can go against Dr.Manmohan Singh and still there'll be a huge following for the guy!!

Just think how many people facing similar charges are STILL behind bars and just because this guy comes from a big family and is a star, he's again part of the system today!! As clean as he came out of his mother womb!! Or so he claims... :|

See you when I see you... :)

RiverSoul said...

I'm in total agreement here.
Personally, i feel that politics in india is a highly unprofessional affair, with limited transparency and too many conceited and hidden motives, most of which would never help for betterment of any aspect of our country....
Sadly, this is all we've got, and we'll have to make do.
Very interesting points you've brought out to notice, dolphin.

Thank you.

dolphin said...

one thing remains that even today many innocents are deliberately put behind bars(after making forced confessions) and that 'no politics if behind bars' concept will not hold good today. of course, what salman and sanjay dutt are experiencing is two sides of the same society, fame and shame!

dolphin said...

i don't think people never expected transparency all this while from our 'beloved' politicians. but, neither do we expect people like sanjay dutt to enter political arena. at least from now we should take pledge that we'll not allow corrupted individuals or criminals or conspirators to 'serve' themselves or us.