Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not Anymore

Simmering anger, no more resilience, mediocre politics, dying oneness spirit, repeated attacks on our sovereignty, shocking, disappointment... these are some of the emotions that led us to this blog. 
  • Yes, we've been misguided by our representatives in parliament.
  • Yes, we're not satisfied by the government's performance.
  • Yes, we're unhappy with ridiculous security measures where the arm-identification machine just prompts a signal with / without a gun.
  • Yes, we need better governance.
  • Yes, we're sad at the categorization of terror as hindu and islamic.
And for a change, we haven't started a terrorist organization (like thousands before) just because we're not satisfied with our government. We pledge to raise our voice ideas for better tomorrow.

We are InDiA.

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Pranav Kumar V said...

indeed. I pledged to make a difference. If not always by raising my voice at least, by choosing to do the right things even at times when not all that are going on around me are not right. Let's hope this'll be a place to put in all our thoughts, that if and when people read, would feel, they have something to live up to or even better, something to follow!! :)

See you when I see you... :)