Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dangerous Trend

For long I observed the trend but never penned down this one. Does good follow bad or bad follows good? That question taunts me to a great extent. Major politicians who strike big in their careers make mark with an infamous incident and gain incredibly from the incident and ignite a political career out of it. Does good ever follow good? In my quest to understand this better, I observe political careers of few influential politicians in our country.

Lal Krishna Advani
Advani served as deputy prime minister for India but served as home minister for Indian government. The NDA government was the first non-congress government to complete full five year term in our country. In many ways this was considered a great achievement for a non-congress government. However, the journey till here was no less than a roller-coaster ride! BJP only had two seats in lok sabha before 1989. It was then Advani took up the now infamous 'Rath Yatra' and indirectly guided BJP to 88 seats in the general elections. He might have provoked people using 'religion' but it was Indians who voted for him! However it was congress government (which claims itself to be a secular force) that opened the doors of the controversial ayodhya site and let people perform hindu rituals. Karsevaks demolished Babri Masjid on 6th december, 1992. This triggered a major support for Advani and BJP's hindutva in north India that eventually lead to BJP's victory in next general elections (1996). Advani led the anti-government agitation (against corruption and new found fan base across India). Vajpayee (who's considered a leader of masses himself) became prime minister thrice over next 8 years. However, in 2004 BJP-led NDA government dramatically lost the general elections. His career is marred by quite a few controversies:
  • now infamous rath yatra
  • accused of delivering hate speeches for babri demolition
  • jain-hawala scam
  • the latest being the infamous jinnah remark!
Narendra Modi
He is controversy's best child in Indian politics. Often we see him in news for the wrong reasons. If it is his remark on sonia gandhi one day, it would be rejection of US visa the next day. These days Modi sings Gujrat's development tunes everywhere. He talks with Tata for breakfast and Anil Ambani for lunch. What was he before speaking of Gujrat's development? He sworn in as Chief Minister of Gujrat in 2001 and is longest serving CM of the state till date ( he is current CM). It was in 2002 his government's reluctance to tackle godhra riots head-on resulted in public outrage across the country. He created  a stir when he walked out of an interview with Karan Thapar on Devil's Advocate! Sonia Gandhi famously labelled him as 'merchant of death'. Contrary to all expectations, he won with a thumping majority in previous assembly elections!!

Laloo Prasad Yadav
Is there any child who hasn't heard about him? Well, there must be handful! :)) He's the most charismatic leaders I observed in Indian politics. He's seen on television at least twice a week! Now, that's what I call PR skills. That is why every Indian must've heard of him. This is the same reason why reliance is more visible than Tata (in terms of marketing). His stint with Indian railways must be the most popular one with people. He is credited for reversing the fortunes of Indian railways (that was supposedly in huge losses). Today, he holds the UPA government together. It is only because of him that congress and left parties allied for national 'benefits'. He doesn't shy away from stating his prime ministerial dreams every few months. However, we do not forget accusations on him as well:
  • the infamous fodder scam
  • disproportionate assets case
Raj Thackeray must've observed these politicians very well before launching a tirade against north Indians (especially from Bihar and UP). He was successful in getting good publicity in national media (our own news starved media). However, he was widely criticized for not standing by Bombay citizens after the recent terror attacks.

My Concern

If a leader who supposedly organized masjid demolition can aspire to become prime minister, where is our country headed to? If a leader who was reluctant to act on riots aspires for a greater role in Indian politics some day, what does that indicate? If a budding politician takes a violent route to make an impact on people, what does that suggest?


RiverSoul said...

I'd say that politics offer a gr8 big rehaul.
Polititians who have cases pending against them must be stripped off their powers untill their cases have been solved and they're acquitted.
Good thoughtful post...

dolphin said...

asking them to step down due to pending cases wouldn't be an ideal thought as people impose cases (rightfully or otherwise) every other day! opposition leaders take this as an advantage to square the scores.

RiverSoul said...

Maybe so, but if correctly handled, the accusations can be easily rendered legitimate or illegitimate by inquests and probes. Severe and effective punishment for illegit cases and accusations can curb the desires of revenge or score squaring

It all boils down to this.

Fighting corruption and working for a better nation will help us see better days

dolphin said...

yeah i too thought about 'severity' of the cases that you've mentioned. that again divides the leaders on assets basis. however, this should be considered by the government.

another way of approaching this is, every leader should disclose his/her accounts not just before elections but for every three months. this might lead to some transparency

RiverSoul said...

Yes dolphin. Thats a very good idea. Declaring assets will help. But some may not do it as truthfully as needed. So lok ayukta should become just as ruthless as it was bfore the last chief retired.
A few sting operations here, a few raids there, and we'll have a healthy degree me transparency everywhere.

dolphin said...

yeah, every now and then our politicians fight our land issues. i doubt how they handle government in the midst of these cases in courts

Pranav Kumar V said...

I'm sure there are many more who are just as confused as me or even more about the next elections!! The LEADERS who are going to be DEFINITELY the MOST DEFINITIVE after independence... I can bet on that... THIS is the term when we are going for a complete make-over (what that would be, I'm still confused!!) I guess I'll just use 49-O for this elections!!

dolphin said...

well, yeah i must say there are many around me just as confused as we are. rightly said about the leaders, today's leaders aren't clear where the nation is headed neither do we

hoping a new start for our country in 2009


hey v can say a lot upon dis..but wen it comes 4 doin sumthing v lack guts..newayz advani is being reagarded as a very strong leader as per his personality n confidence matters...still he is ruling over lots n lots indian mind..so v cannt flaunt upon dis topic a lot...neways it shuld be started 4m low level ..lyk 4m sum village head n den 2 ministrial posts..so as v reach da top..bt nehow it can b avoided by da rural folks itself who r da least aware ov all dese..
wotever dis is an mazing topic 2 think n hve da views..
lyk it very much...
go on..
n gud day...

dolphin said...

do not forget that we have had leaders like vajpayee, arun jaitley, arun shourie, abhishek singhvi, venkaiah naidu and jyothi basu to name a few. we've hardly heard accusations against them!

i never doubted advani's confidence and personality! all i questioned was his way of provoking people by encouraging hatred against a minority. we shouldn't forget that a bad influence on people is no proper influence at all. my point is, all these leaders who (of late) are speaking about development are (rather unfortunately) products of communal hatred or corruption.